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JCRUX with over 20 years of artistic exploration, has delved into various realms of expression, including photography, painting, and film. Self-taught and fueled by a passion for continuous learning, Jermaine Tilson (also known as JCRUX) approaches his craft as both a student and a creator. His artwork has been featured at the Golden One Center, The Brickhouse Gallery, Cafe Colonial, Old Soul, The Gallery 916, and several other galleries and venues throughout Sacramento. Through a prolific and diverse portfolio, he strives to evoke emotion and spark curiosity, inviting viewers to join him on a journey of artistic discovery. 

convergence reveals the fusion of painting and photography in his art. Each artwork showcases the blend of brushwork and photographic precision, inviting viewers to explore the dynamic relationship between these mediums. Join us as we celebrate the seamless interplay of creativity and expression in his inaugural Black AF AiR Solo Exhibition. | @jcrux96

Keia kodama is a Mix Media and Experimental Custom Sneaker Artist, who is deeply committed to exploring the intersection of street culture, style, and design. Keia is dedicated to contributing to a more diverse and inclusive artistic landscape while also committed to using her creativity to celebrate and elevate the experiences of BIPoC.

Inappropriate champions the brilliance of Black women who shape the very essence of style, from our old  hairstyles to the grace in our stride. Despite being the world's muse, our culture is so often appropriated while due credit conveniently eludes us. This solo exhibition is a celebration of the unparalleled greatness embodied by Black women.


The inaugural Black Artist Foundry's Artist in Residence (AiR) program offers a unique opportunity for two Black artists in the Sacramento region. Providing a six-month studio space at The Gallery by We Are Sacramento, it is specifically designed to support Black visual artists working in all mediums. The primary mission of the Black Artist Foundry is to uplift and empower Black artists, and this program is a direct reflection of our commitment. It aims to provide a safe and supportive environment where Black artists can develop their practice.

The Black AF AiR program also offers a transformative experience by providing selected artists with institutional guidance, professional development, research support, and a stipend to support their artistic practice. Throughout the six-month residency, artists will thrive in a creative environment, surrounded by like-minded artists and creative professionals. Black AF AiR aims to provide a nurturing and collaborative atmosphere that encourages artistic exploration, growth, and innovation.

In addition to their dedicated studio space, the selected artists will have the unparalleled opportunity to connect with esteemed institutional leaders, prominent curators, acclaimed art writers and critics, influential collectors, generous patrons, and fellow accomplished artists. They will be actively engaged in enriching studio visits that foster meaningful dialogue, spark creativity, and facilitate invaluable knowledge exchange. This remarkable networking and professional development experience will elevate their artistic journey and empower them to reach new heights in their careers.

The culmination of the residency will be an exhibition at The Gallery by We Are Sacramento that showcases the remarkable artworks created by the resident artists during their tenure in the AiR program. This exhibition provides a platform for the artists to share their unique perspectives and creative expressions with a wider audience, promoting their work and facilitating meaningful connections with art enthusiasts, collectors, and critics. An exhibition catalog will be produced to document and commemorate the residency, further amplifying the impact and legacy of the artists' time with the Black Artist Foundry.

The Black Artist Foundry's Artist-in-Residence program is committed to fostering artistic excellence, empowering Black artists, and providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive in their creative practices. It catalyzes artistic growth, community engagement, and celebrating Black artistic voices within the Sacramento arts landscape.

- Artists must commit a minimum of 20 hours per week in the studio for the duration of the residency

- Studio space will be shared between the selected two Black Artist Foundry AiR artists, located inside The Gallery at 1019 Del Paso Blvd.

- Selected artists will receive a stipend (amount to be determined)

- Visual arts include but are not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography, digital art, mixed media, collage, textile art, installation art, performance art, video art, ceramic art, glass art, mural art

Applications ARE CLOSED 

Selected Black AF AiR Artists are announced on August 15, 2023

Residency Begins August 16, 2023

Residency Ends May 5, 2024 

The inaugural AiR program is made possible by the contributions of our generous individual donors.


The six esteemed panelists, who form an integral part of the AiR selection process, hold a distinctive and profound connection to the Sacramento community, where they are recognized for their unwavering commitment to championing and empowering Black artists. With a wealth of experience in the arts and a profound understanding of the unique challenges and triumphs that Black artists face, these panelists are deeply invested in fostering a diverse and inclusive artistic ecosystem within our vibrant city.

Each panelist brings a unique perspective, drawn from their diverse backgrounds as curators, artists, business owners, and patrons, allowing them to provide comprehensive insights and meaningful feedback to the selection process. Their passion for promoting artistic voices resonates throughout their engagement with the local art scene, inspiring an environment that nurtures creativity, cultural exchange, and collective growth. Their presence enriches the selection process, ensuring that the chosen artists reflect a diverse range of artistic practices, narratives, and perspectives that resonate deeply with the Sacramento community.


We are deeply grateful for their invaluable contributions to this residency program, as their collective expertise and dedication will undoubtedly result in the selection of two exceptional Black artists poised to make a significant impact during their transformative journey during the next six months.

Barbara Range - Gallery Owner The Brickhouse Gallery & Art Complex

Cynthia DEES Brooks - Owner of TAP Wine Lounge on Del Paso Blvd. 

Jeff Townsend - Patron of the Arts

Kiara Reed - Black Artist Foundry Board Member & Executive Director at Civic Thread

Susie Kantor - Associate Curator & Exhibition Department Head at Manetti Shrem Museum of Art at UC Davis

Uli Smith - Visual Artist & Curator at The Gallery by We Are Sacramento

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